Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Definitely a Monday

Do you love days when you have to split a class? I was out this morning for a follow up for my son, and as I walked down the hallway, my teammate stopped me to tell me we were splitting a class in in the afternoon. I had moved social studies to the morning so the sub wouldn't have to do small group, and another teammate didn't have cultural arts because of bookfair. We had fifteen minutes of DEAR, then three of the classes went to cultural arts, after which we watched a video called something likeWhy Christmas Trees aren't Perfect. It was sweet. The Small Pine let the animals find shelter and food in its branches and it was picked to be the Christmas tree for the Castle (that looked suprisingly Russian considering the English accents) . One of my students was crying real tears when the little bird was lost in the snow. Polar Express and Grinch are classics, but they watched intently becasue it was a story they didn't know.
At the end of Friday, I learned I was getting a new student. After I bought exactly 17 poem books and exactly 17 rain forest books and exactly 17 Flat Stanleys. So I went back to the book warehouse sale. For student 18. That didn't show up today.
Happy Monday.