Friday, May 4, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Sale & Candy Bouquets

I have joined in the Teacher Appreciation Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers running from May 6-8th. There will be lots of great products on sale. I'm hunting up good Common Core materials myself.

I am also planning on trying to make the candy bar centerpieces on my Pinterest board. Check out the candy bouquet! Our art teacher would definitely get a kick out of them. Fifty bucks is the LIMIT for candy, so hopefully I can make one for each building. I am planning on taping the candy bars to wooden skewers that are poked into styrofoam hiding inside the Hershey bar base.
Pinned Image
If it doesn't work out, I'll have a lot of candy to eat! Have a great weekend!

Mine didn't turn out as fancy, but they were very much appreciated!

  • I used a can cozy from the craft store as my container. 
  • 8 regular sized Snickers or Milky Ways fit around the outside.
  • I cut a piece of styrofoam to fit inside the cozy.
  • I purchased 5 10 count snack-sized candies and two each of 6 full-sized candy bars for each bouquet.
  • I used bamboo skewers that I hot-glued for about three inches on each candy bar. 
  • I used heavy kitchen shears to take three inches off the skewers for the smaller candies to provide levels.
  • Last, I used the wired stars to add sparkle. My son liked wrapping it around his fingers to make it curly.