Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is in the Air

We're going on our field trip tomorrow, which means lots of parent visitors in the building. I convinced my teammates to take down Seuss day projects for two reasons.
1. We're a bit past his birthday.
2. I wanted to hog the wall!
Our current unit in Treasures is Growing and Changing., and I wanted to do something spring-y.  We've been noticing so much academic growth lately that I wanted the kids to get a chance to show off how they have changed. I can't type too much longer because I am so excited.

I dragged my two children to the grocery story at 6:50 am (we're an early school) to buy the cupcake liners for the middle of the daffodils.The petals each tell a growth or change, and the flowers are taped on the wall to show the child's actual height.
I'm getting ready to put the organizer and printables together. Look for this as a freebie in the stores later tonight!