Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taking them home

My kids know they are the most important ones in my life. But they realize they share me with 20+ other chldren that are also my kids every year. Grumpy moods, runny noses, fights with friends, values about right and wrong are shared by us all. Problems and joys go both ways. I have a guy that I carry home with me every day. He was "normal" until about the end of October, and then things went crazy,  As frustrating as it is to try to teach a class around him, he is still part of our class and I worry about him. We can't find anything that motivates him, or any consequences that he recognizes. His parents are running him to all sorts of doctors and analyists, and I can't imagine what it would be like if one of my two children were going through this.  Could a different environment help them through the struggles? Will guiding them be enough?
My daughter and a friend approached her teacher and guidance counselor today about starting a "We Stomp Out Bullying " campaign, and having the students sign a shoe cutout to display in the cafeteria. They decided they wanted to do that all on their own. She rocks.