Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almost at 100

I am now approaching 100 items sold on one of the stores. I remember being excited when I had five people download my freebies. Freebie downloads don't count anymore because they seem to reset after 200.  I wish there was more contact with the classroom teachers to know how things were going.  I tend to not provide feedback either. Sorry.

The software that was supposed to be here Thursday still isn't here yet. I'm trying to work on peanut butter and jelly graphics for partner activities, but I am still figuring out how to add gradients and highlights.  I want to, but it's hard to figure out something brand new.

Updates from the last post- my co-worker's mother has cancer in three systems, and my visually impaired student found his glasses. The water glass keeps switching between half full and half empty.

My kids are busy creating. A jewelry kit with a gazillion beads, and Fuzzoodles. My husband is working on his third guitar, and I am fixing up earlier products.  I wanted to do something today with my family, but we're all busy. Bowling this afternoon.