Monday, March 5, 2012


Where did you all come from? I look down and now there are 20 followers. I am trying to comment back, but I am quite frustrated about the blog button bit. I even tried switching from mediafire to google docs, so now I am pretty sure it is a size issue.

Today in math, the coins were gone and the triple beam balance was proudly displayed. The helper of the day had a target of 100 grams. He picked an organizer station that was well over 600 grams. The class helped him revise his thinking, and then they thought maybe a reading text would be about 100 grams. ONE child said,"How about trying 100 paper clips?" "Why 100 paper clips?" I asked him (knowing full well). He replied, "If one paper clip is about a gram, then 100 paper clips should be 100 grams." The class still thinks we should try the reading text tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow two kids will tell me that we should try 100 paper clips.

I also felt bad when they read the outcomes and saw drawing conclusions. There was actual cheering. I explained that drawing conclusions would be fun, but we were not going to be drawing like in art class. They decided drawing conclusions was not as much fun as it sounded. Poor babies.

Has this been one of the worst flu seasons you can remember? Kids are sick, teachers are sick, and they are trying to bleach surfaces and have us wash and sanitize. One class today had 5 kids go home. Sick. Like sick-sick.  I don't remember ever having a winter like this. And it doesn't seem to pass quickly from child to child, but it lingers. It's not moving around a table group, it jumps all over the classroom. And it comes back around too. Hopefully your classrooms are healthy.

I am going to comment back (thank you for taking the time to comment!), work on the blog button issue, work on the grams and kilograms, and then record grades for the six assignments I graded after my committee meeting today.