Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shopping Time

It's defininetly back to school time when both Teachers Pay Teacher and Teachers Notebook have sales promotions running on the same weekend. But, I forgot which one started when, so BOTH of my sales are running from Saturday August 11th through Monday August13th. That's an extra day for my sale at TpT but you'll have to survive without the extra 8% off. All my Teachers Notebook items are 30% off for three days, and My Teachers Pay Teachers items are 20% off Saturday, and up to 28% off Sunday and Monday.To get the extra discount at TpT use promo code BTS12 at checkout

If you are looking for other shops participating in the TpT sale you can visit the linky party at Teacher Tam"s Educational Adventures blogspot.

Until Thursday, I felt fine about my classroom. Desks are set up, chairs are by teams, bulletin boards are up, furniture where it belongs, getting things organized. Our schools are closed on Fridays for the summer so I couldn't go in, and I promised my kids a full last week of summer with trips to the beach, park, movies, etc and not visits to school. So that 's it. I can't go back in until I am officially supposed to be in my classroom.
If I've already put in over 60 hours, how are teachers really supposed to get ready for students and attend staff trainings and have lessons planned for school in the amount of time we really have? Just wondering.