About the Music

I needed music because I really liked listening to music at Just so Scrappy.
If she could have music, I wanted music too.

I apologize now for all the "loves". I also wish these songs didn't date me so precisely.

Something is up with my playlist. I've only ever seen it whole on my blog twice.
1. Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes-I love how it changes from the intro
2. Bubbly- total steal from Katie, it always makes me happy
3. No Rain- My father-in-law caught me singing this one day several years before the wedding with my windows down as I pulled up. Totally worth the teasing
4. Say Hey- This is my dancing in the kitchen while fixing the kids breakfast song
5. Jump, Jive, and Wail-lots of fun
6. Brian Wilson-My sister and brother-in-law tend to play Bare Naked Ladies for outdoor parties
7. Crimson and Clover-A crazy summer thing. Liked the song better than the guy
8. Daughters-My daughter is lucky to have a great father who is part of her life. I wasn't so lucky.
9. Nobody's Fault but Mine-Do you know Abigail Washburn? We've seen her twice with Bela Fleck and I love the worldliness of her music. Not much of her music is available on playlist:(
10. I Will Follow You into the Dark-Mellow, sincere, and honest. It reminds me of What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, a birthday buddy
11. Banana Pancakes-My kids first concert
12. Soul Meets Body-More Death Cab for Cutie
13. Cape Cod Kwassa- My kids started singing this in the car in the mornings on the way to the babysitter's house. We would turn up the radio.
14. Hotel California- I love the composition of this song.
15. Desert Rose-My husband can't stand Sting. I have to listen to it when he is not around.
16. Love Song- The Cure?? Covered by Death Cab??
17. These Are Days -My first boss at a clothing store liked 10,00 Maniacs. Alot. Like alot ALOT. We listened to their CD frequently.
18. Trouble Me-Another one of their songs that stuck with me
19.To the One I Love-REM. I had a friend in high school that insisted I make tapes of all of his REM
20. Fields of Gold-another sneaking it in Sting song
21. Nightswimming- an REM song that I don't think I have heard on the radio and wouldn't know about except for that friend.
22. Better Together- Jack Johnson again
23. First Day of My Life-Love is like that sometimes. Something right in front of you becomes more than visible.
24. The Ballad of Love and Hate- I am so disappointed with this version! My husband has the live version which is amazing. Every time I hear this version it just reaffirms how much better the live version is.
25. Today- I saw Smashing pumpkins with my husband
26. Kick Drum Heart- Good Energy
27. La Isla Bonita- A friend from elementary school had this record back in the days when kids only had a handful of records. We sang this song and album all summer sitting in the tree in her front yard. I would still be singing it riding my bike home for dinner.
28. We are Young- A current sing it in the car favorite, by the cast of Glee
29. Imagine- My fisrt niece's nursery room theme
30. Walking on Sunshine- I played this single when I was "cleaning my room"
31. Love like a Sunset-Not sure which Phoenix song I was looking for, but I liked this one
32. Send Me On My Way- Fun to sing

I'm sure this list will grow and change, and if there is a song you can't hear one more time, I'll consider taking it out for a while. I would like for you to be able to sing and dance and celebrate while you are visiting.