Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Freebie! Tell Everybody!

28 is good.
It's a nice number.
I trust you are all wonderful people.

Can you help some more wonderful people find me? I am offering a spring freebie for suffixes, a memory match game for words with the suffixes -ing, -less, -ful and -est. It's cute, quick and easy to laminate and cut up, and it might help one or two of your babies say, "Oh! That's what those suffixes mean!"  Tell me they don't. After you've taught it for WEEKS.  Maybe this will help.
I'd appreciate comments here and any wonderful people you know are also welcome to download or join us wonderful people.  I have turned off word verification if that is extra motivation for comments. And this download might save you some of your personal time so you can go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Click here for Duck, Duck, Caboose Memory Game Freebie

Good News, Sad News, Sad News, Good News

I haven't done a very good job of posting- or commenting on your blogs either- lately.  L:ast week was busy, but at least we had an amazing sub (my old student teacher) for Thursday and Friday. We have her in again for this week. We are giving her the page from the planbook, and she is going to teach. We don't have to write up sub plans!!!
Not too long ago, I posted about a teammate whose mother had cancer in three systems. Last week was her second week in the hospital, ans she passed away Friday morning.  My teammate doesn't like hugs. It's been almost exactly a year since her grandmother passed away.We are lucky to have wonderful supportive people in our lives but we miss them so much when they go on. I'm gonna hug her anyway.
The teaching assistant in my classroom that assists with my behaviorally challenged friends lost a pregnancy at the end of last week as well. There are two other staff members who are also pregnant and the three of them had been comparing symptoms. She will also have a hard week.

The weather has been beautiful. I think we are beyond any hope of snow. The crocuses have bloomed, the daffodils have bloomed, and yesterday I even saw irises blooming. In Maryland? In March?  We are still two weeks away from our spring break.  This week we are headed to the Natural History Museum to check out the rocks and dinosaurs. We went last year, and some of the exhibits downstairs had me totatlly lost. Hopefully I do better this year.  I think we might be a little early for the cherry blossoms, but we can hope. Have a great Monday!  I will try to get around this week.