Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's cheer for...

Switching grades has really kicked my butt.It's only been 4 years since I was in third grade, but lots changed.
Sorry. I haven't been on blogs since September. I'll have much catching up to do.
Yesterday I was listening to the kids cheering each other on in gym and even the awws when someone missed. Can you imagine if that happened up in the classrooms? What if they cheered for every correct response for their classmates, and felt that surge of support? Just thiniking.

STEM project birds nests



 We were reading books about different types of birds making nests and the materials that are used. I designed a project that we could complete in class with a home project possible. Students used one box of toothpicks, 2 sticks of clay, and cotton balls. They had to decide the properties of their materials and their uses in the nest. Have you ever tried to build a nest just using natural materials? I was disappointed in my attempts. Good thing I'm not a bird. At home the kids had a wider list of materials available, and they look a little more interesting. All of the nests met the criteria of supporting 2 eggs and withstanding the hair dryer. Printables soon.