Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello Home School Parents!

I've decided that there must be some homeschool community that likes my soil activities.  They are my best sellers, and people are buying them in clumps. It makes me feel bad for my other products:(

There was an oil leak in our intermediate buiilding yesterday, so we had off school again. MLKJ, oil spill, and all 2 hour early dismissals because of high school exams. One of my students really didn't believe me when I told him that tomorrow was already Thursday. Not being in school on regular planning days makes the next week harder.  Two of my teammates were out, so that left only two of us for the planning. I think we did pretty good staying focused for a change.
Earlier this week I posted some secret freebies for the first 10 downloaders on TpT and TN. I forgot to mention it here. Sorry! Next time I'll remember.

"A Trip to the Emergency Room" is a sequencing game with three events at a time, and "New Beginnings" works on prefixes for higher second grade-third grade students.  I hadn't made an answer key up for my parent volunteer, and he had a hard time!

I also posted the rainforest and desert alphabetizing that I mentioned a while ago.

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