Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passing out the gift cards

So far I have four students that have completed their two chapter books and choosy readers form in a little over a week. The media teacher could really see the difference in what they were checking out. Today was a perfect day to bring in the gift cards because tonight we had a CFA night. Tomorrow is a Pizza Hut night to support fifth grade. My daughter is a fith grader, and we've been to EVERY other CFA night. I hope a few of the kids got to go for free tonight.
Today was Tuesday which means I had my special classroom helper. Last year he filled up a massive quantity of film canisters with small items that we used for non-standard weight measurement, and we used them again today. See what he does really does save us time over multiple years. I think I might post the worksheet and details tomorrow.  He also got to help with Mel D.'s Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprint craft. He sponge painted the white and blue for the hair, then they wiped with dry paper towels and then used the same hand for the red before washing up at the sink. We pinned them up to dry for about 30 min. then they came back to glue on eyes and cut out the belly circles. We're also doing readers theater in small group to work on fluency. I asked my high flyers to do Fox in Socks. HA! They sound like slow robots so they won't mess up. I'm sure it will get better by the end of the week. Green Eggs and Ham is great for the low guys, especially with the prepositions. "On" and "in" start many of the phrases, so they have to look. My middle group is doing Cat and Comes Bback with great expression. I might let them make up some headbands, we'll see.
I don't know about you, but I've loaded up my cart for the sale tomorrow for the Leap Day Sale at TpT. I cybershop as bad as I do in real life. I'm sure that right before I checkout, I'll talk myself out of a few things. But I found some really neat stuff. I'll find out tomorrow.

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