Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Problem with Inspiration

When my daughter had friends over this weekend, we rented Dolphin Tale. So then we found Seewinter, but couldn't see anything but the items at the gift shop. And the teacher resources. Which led me to NEED to have my students measure the length of life-sized dolphins. And now, only four days later I am painting dolphins in my kitchen! My children were surprised that I was using my square kitchen tiles as a grid to feel to guide my drawing. My daughter put down her book (Hunger Games (briefly)) and my son just stood watching me for almost 20 minutes. And after that one dried and I rolled it up, I started on dolphin #2. And as soon as my husband is done fixing school lunches, I'll be starting dolphin #3  .My goal is four dolphins, painted and laminated before math class tomorrow at 8:05.

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