Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update on the Dolphins

I ended up making only three dolphins because I just didn't have time. My class measured them on Thursday, and two of the other classes measured on Friday.  Not exactly what you leave for the sub of the fourth class on my team. turned out great!

I used one box of fadeless paper and three bottles of craft paint, about 60-90 minutes of drawing, painting, and laminating, and cutting per dolphin, and when I am tired of looking at them (it could happen) I can roll them back up into the box for next year.  Way better than measuring a desk with cubes and paper clips.

My son's class did this on Friday, and he told me at lunch that he really enjoyed it and all of his friends told him I was awesome for making something like this. And then he said thank you. What a sweetheart!

If anyone is interested in getting a set of 3 life sized dolphins, let me know.

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