Saturday, March 3, 2012

Go Australia! Oh no, Measurement!

Leap Day was a great day, but things have been slow since. I woke up this morning and found my first sale in Australia! It also woke up my freebies downloaded, so I know that things aren't just sitting still over there.
Ladies and gentlemen, measuring went even worse than I thought. I was out on Thursday, and when I came back on Friday...OMG. They worked with grams and kilograms on Thursday. They know that grams are little and kilograms are big. 200 g and 999 grams meant the same to them, and 1 kilogram and 1000 kilograms meant the same. I am taking down money from our morning math meeting. I spent most of last night working on measurement. There's not a lot available out there. I know that this is slipping away to third grade on the common core, but my county isn't implementing math common core for third grade until the year after next, so this year's babies won't get it again until...6th?...7th?
I want something that I can use for morning math meeting, I want something as a center, I want 2-3 games, and I've worked on some real world homework assignments for the grocery store and possibly the sporting good store. This is a serious problem. Look for new activities soon. How do you teach measurement to your kids?

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