Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grabbable Button

Can you see my button? Can you grab it? Right now all I see is the red x. I'm sad. Please make my day and let me know it is working.
We had to take my son back up for an MRI at Hopkins. The pediatric department work their butts off. They make cool, not lame, jokes, talk about the child's interests, have the reovery team look up the condition so they are knoweledgable, and offer a gazillion flavors of LipSmackers for the breathing masks. My son wasn't having any of it. He walked back on his own, but woudn't let us touch him. He was going to get the mask instead of an IV but decided that his Lip Smacker smelled disgusting. In the end my husband and I helped hold him down. The anesthesia doctor tracked us down at lunch and gave us his personal e-mail so that if we have more procedures they can give him pre-meds. No more kicking and screaming sounds WONDERFUL. Before we left he had a popsicle and a brand new full sized Monopoly game.
I should go to school and set up my room for tomorrow. I should go to school and set up for next week, since that is what I do on Thursdays. My back is so tight, and everything is fine and I knew it would be fine. Good thing I have planning period first on Fridays.


  1. You were right, the blog button is NOT showing right now. I took a peek at your "grab my button" code. Although I'm pretty new to this, I think the problem might be that you have an extra half-set of quotation marks after the part that says: target=

    Get rid of that & see if it works.

    Good luck!

    Madame Aiello

  2. Thanks. I tried but it stillisn't showing up. I think the setting on the png might be too large? Thank you for trying to help.i'm still working on it:)