Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is it Friday Yet?

We've split classes all three days so far this week.  After we each took a day to write the sub plans for the classroom without a sub. Every night they tell us there will be a sub, and every morning there isn't. Did I mention we are then spending our planning period splitting papers and checking with the other classes to see how far they made it in case the class gets to really have class tomorrow?
The first day while I was moving furniture,  I told my kids we're having friends over. The second day they asked if we were having friends over as I rearranged the furniture. This morning one not-so-happy guy actually growled when our "friends" joined us .
It's also over 70 degrees, and that's before the extra body heat.
Tomorrow is my day to provide sub plans again, so I figured they needed something different to have extra practice graphing so...Spring Count, Tally, and Graph. Currently only at TpT.
There better be a sub.

I'm feeling vicious.


  1. Ugh, what a long week!

    Make sure you check out Sub Hub- she's got amazing FREE emergency sub plans, where all you would have to do is copy a few things and gather some books.

    Hope your week gets easier!

  2. HI! I just found your blog! I teach 2nd grade in Georgia. I am now a follower. Come on over and check out my blog and TpT store!


  3. We had a sub today!So much happier!