Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Freebie! Tell Everybody!

28 is good.
It's a nice number.
I trust you are all wonderful people.

Can you help some more wonderful people find me? I am offering a spring freebie for suffixes, a memory match game for words with the suffixes -ing, -less, -ful and -est. It's cute, quick and easy to laminate and cut up, and it might help one or two of your babies say, "Oh! That's what those suffixes mean!"  Tell me they don't. After you've taught it for WEEKS.  Maybe this will help.
I'd appreciate comments here and any wonderful people you know are also welcome to download or join us wonderful people.  I have turned off word verification if that is extra motivation for comments. And this download might save you some of your personal time so you can go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Click here for Duck, Duck, Caboose Memory Game Freebie


  1. Ooh, I love finding materials for suffixes! I already pinned this to Facebook, and hopefully you will have more followers soon! I think you have great things to share.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. We knew what you meant.Thanks for the pin. Your blog is off to big places.I've been stopping by alomost daily and it is doing great.

  2. Great! I am teaching suffixes again this week and this will be a fun game for my chickadees.

    Twirlybird Teaching

    1. Some of the kids are getting them. A few are even excited enough to point them out in the middle of a word board. They stop reading and call out "Hey, there's a suffix on that word in line three!" Both cute and annoying.