Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Advanced Learner Programs

Today I attended my first training with the third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers. Before today I had only heard about Jacob's Ladder, William and Mary, and Touchpebbles. I have implemented one unit of M3 and have had 3-4 years with Hands-On Equations. It sounds like next year we will have one teacher focusing on achieving William and Mary for 2/3 of the year, and another teacher implementing advanced math. I am so torn! Reading would be very fun and creative, but I have the most experience on my team for the math. Another issue is my 8 year old. I might be excluded from teaching either of these classes because he would be in both. I am looking for feedback on which programs you use and how much you use them "as is" and how much you modify them.
I am working on some ladder questions for the last 16 days of school with my second graders. This will be fun!

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