Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have You Checked Out Mathwire?

Now I might be late to this party, but you are all invited. I found mathwire through some pinterest boards and I've been there for about an hour. It has a collection of games and activities organized by standards and grade levels, and seasonal ideas as well. Several of the ideas cover multiple standards, so you can get extras bang for your ...I was going to say buck but it's free.
Some of my favorites to get you interested
I Have cards for 2 x 4 labels in place value, money, and operations

templates for repeated practice, laminate or place in communicator sleeves

I am on break. Even better, my big Easter fair was this morning and it is over. My church is small and for us to open up to the community and have 25-30 children participating in an an event requires planning and support. We made Easter bunnies using styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, pompoms, and wiggle eyes, birds nests using brown paper bags, craft glue, sticks, and Spanish moss, decorated eggs using crayons on warm eggs (back to that in a minute) and sticky flowers with tissue paper squares
(pictures soon).  We hid over 1,016 eggs and had to give the kids second baskets since several of them had over 80 eggs! Hotdogs and sloppy joes inside, then sack races, parachute games, and hula hoop games outside.
Back to the eggs. Crayon wax melts GREAT on hot eggs from water that had been near boiling. Boiled eggs in a crockpot on high was not hot enough to melt the wax. Teacher minds unite-- how can I keep the eggs really hot without keeping them on the stove in boiling water?  This might also be good for big river rocks to get decorated for paperweights. The wax would wash off in a garden environment, but there have to be other uses for crayons at this winding down time of the year.

I am looking forward to calmly planning/ grading /cleaning/ blogging/ pinboard surfing /laundry:(/relaxing? over the next week.

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