Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Talk

We had the Talk today. 3:00 everyone was called to the media center.
Next year we are down a second grade ( my grade) and up one first and one third.
So anyone that wants to retire or transfer had better speak up now.
One of my teammates kinda volunteered to move up or down. She hasn't been holding on to things this year and getting them organized.
We spoke up for my amazing student teacher from last year. And a current long-term sub.
The principal will let us know who she is moving after spring break.
I don't want to switch again yet.
Is your staff pretty settled, or do you get moved to promote your growth?  After many years in third grade, I didn't want to teach the same stories one more year. I was ready for a switch. I wasn't done fifth grade when I was moved. I do not want to switch unitl I've had at least one year of reteaching a math or reading program. Is that lazy?
Hopefully I do not have to post about this after spring break.

One kid had his meds refilled. Today was WAY better than yesterday. Everyone went home on green and I didn't have a headache. Happy teacher.

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  1. We had MAJOR fruit basket turnover last year. Thankfully, I was only one of 2 that got to stay in 2nd grade. We too, are losing a 2nd grade teacher this year that must move up to 3rd. Thank goodness we had a volunteer. It's so hard when someone is made to move!