Saturday, April 14, 2012

Giveaway at the newly improved Teachers Notebook

One of the new features at Teachers Notebook is the Giveaway Promotions. I entered a few, and decided to try one myself. If they are popular, I'll do more. I am giving away my Bug Collector Blends that includes all three games. Please check out the new format and and I hope to figure out how to get a good link from this page later on today.

 Giveaway Promotion

We're getting ready to go horseback riding. Instead of doughnuts for breakfast, I switched the sleepover bunch to scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit. Pray for a quiet ride.

Update- The ride there was noisy. Horseback riding was AWESOME, lunch at McDonalds was subdued, ride home was sleepy. Very good idea for 9-13 year old birthday party.

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