Thursday, April 12, 2012

She WAS Looking at Me!

This is working now! My browser was no longer supported on Blogger. That is a problem.. so I changed browsers. Problem solved.

Tuesday I was only in for the half day. When I got in to school Wednesday, my teammate told me that the principal had been trying to reach me. She called my house (got the fax) and called my cell that I wasn't answering because we were at the hospital. So with that warning, I knew it was me. Remember how I said that at the staff meeting I thought the principal was looking at me? She was.  My teammate that had volunteered to leave second grade told me she was moved to first but that my name was on THE LIST with hers. I found out before first bell yesterday that I am going to third. Another teammate is going from second to kindergarten. Then a k to 1, a 1 to 2, and a 3 to 2. How many moving boxes will all that take?
Switching grades makes you take stock in your life. What do I believe is important? What do I have that I need, and what am I holding onto for sentimental reasons. I need to stop being sentimental. The Winnie the Pooh that I painted for summer camp 17 years ago will probably never be used again. It's time to let go.
I've downloaded my new pacing guides, made new labels for my reading series and am starting to make posters for the theme questions.
Unfortunately now that we know we are not teaching these grades any more, our minds are shifting to our new grades. I don't want to plan for second grade. I don't want to kick butt at my job. I want to get ready for next year. I am evaluating what I want to teach really well to make my life easier next year. I'm not thinking so much about refining a unit but getting it done. That's sad.

One of our kids had a really bad day today. He's been having problems for a while, getting better, getting worse.Yesterday he almost smashed the computer in the AP's office. Today he told about his plan to go downstairs in the night to get a knife to kill himself. He had all the details worked out. This is a second grade baby. He's eight. He can make plans on what to do after school, but can't think a week ahead. Which means he meant to do it. His mom was upset that she was paged at work. REALLY??? I pray that he gets help, that all the children whose parents can't be bothered find someone to listen and take them seriously before they feel like there is no way out.

My daughter is ten toady. We have a tradition that we ask them about their favorites on their birthday. It is the official day to change their favorites. Now that you're ten what's your favorite color? What is your favorite food now? There are probably forty questions and then they ask for more. Try it. It lets them make new decisions. My daughter's favorite colors are now bright turquoise, purple, and seafoam green. We bought three shade of pink paint for her bedroom a few months ago, but fortunately never started painting. Tomorrow night is the sleepover, then horseback riding with her friends, then back home for the family party. I'll rest next week.


  1. There's a student at our school who struggles with similar things. It's so hard to see a parent who doesn't realize how serious it can be. I hope that gets better.

    I hope you LOVE your new grade! I may have to switch too, but we'll see! It seems like so many people are moving around at your school. Is that because people with higher seniority WANT to move, or just because the principal wants to switch them around?

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. One teacher asked for a new grade. I think the rest was to balance out the teams left after moving that one teacher. Seniority is not a factor.
    I hope that this grade switch lasts longer than two years. It seems as soon as I start to get comfortable, it's time to switch again. When will your principal let you know about your grade assignment?